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What could be more important to us than the safety of our loved ones? On the road, we strive to protect them in every way we can. At Mobileye, our advanced collision avoidance technologies are helping you do just that.


Fleet Safety Solutions

home-fleet-managerIf you’re responsible for operating a fleet of vehicles, then you’re looking for every edge to keep your drivers safe. What if your drivers could be warned a few seconds before an accident? Could that few seconds make a difference?




Vigilant Technology

In a world where countless road accidents occur every hour, Mobileye responds with innovative action, engineering advanced collision avoidance systems that focus on prevention. While other companies develop products to protect you during a collision, our technology is designed to help you avoid collisions altogether.

Through the cutting-edge science of artificial vision, our system incorporates a high resolution vision sensor that keeps an ever-watchful “eye” on the road. This system “sees” and analyzes potential dangerous scenarios, in real time, and alerts drivers to impending dangers,
giving them more time to react. What better protection from an accident is
there than preventing one in the first place?








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90% of Leading Car Manufacturers Can’t Be Wrong

Recognized as world leader in collision avoidance technology, Mobileye has been selected by a wide range of global automotive manufacturers for their production vehicles, including Ford, GM, Chrysler, BMW, Volvo, Hyundai,Honda and more.



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